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School Uniform

The school has a dress code which should be followed by all pupils from Reception to Year 6. In Nursery, many parents also choose to dress their children in uniform, however this is not compulsory. Items of uniform can be purchased from the school, but parents are welcome to purchase from other sources. Order forms are available at the main office. Cheques should be made payable to "Unicorn Uniforms." Elizabeth's Embroidery are the schools official uniform provider for clothing carrying the schools logo. You can order uniform online via their website. You need to use the password "unicorn". Order your school uniform online here

Dress Code

Everyday wear: Items may have the school's logo on, but this is not compulsory. As a privilege, Year 6 children are allowed to wear a different coloured sweatshirt, which is decided by the children annually. This year it is red. Year 6 are allowed to wear black trousers or skirts. Indoor PE: Outdoor PE: Please note that the PE kit can be purchased from school or from the schools official uniform supplier, Unicorn Uniforms. General requirements: Mentors will check on how well pupils are adhering to the school dress code which will award Green, Amber or Red levels as a consequence.