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Year 2


Dinosaur Planet We travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Get ready for a dinosaur museum! We invite visitors along to see our amazing artefacts. Towers, Tunnels and Turrets This design and technology based topic explores the tallest towers, deepest turrets and most magical castles. Meet a selection of fairy tale characters along the way. Land Ahoy! In this Geography based topic, we explore the oceans, just like Captain Cook. We investigate the world of the most famous pirates and what it would be like to sail the seven seas. Wriggle and Crawl It's time for a minibeast hunt! How far does a snail travel in a day? how does a caterpillar transform in a butterfly? Who eats who? This science based topic delves deep into the undergrowth to explore the land of bugs. Beachcombers I can see the sea! What lives in rock pools? Does anything live under the sand? This science based topic investigates habitats, especially by the seaside.