Headteacher: Mr P Cowley

School Meals

Rose Wood is a ‘healthy’ school. This means that we try to encourage our children to eat healthily, take exercise and be aware of how to keep themselves well, both physically and emotionally. We recognise that a healthy diet contributes to children’s ability to learn and develop well.

Rose Wood provides excellent school meals, providing our children with nutritious menus that include a range of hot meals and salads every day. Our school cook tries very hard to offer meals that the children enjoy which are also nutritionally sound and children are rewarded for making healthy choices. A typical two week menu cycle can be seen below.

There is a rota at lunchtime, which means that children have a chance to be first in the lunch queue on a regular basis – very important! Lunchtime supervisors help children with their choices and supervise behaviour in the dining hall and on the yard. Children who do not behave well at lunchtime may be sent to the “Lunchtime Exclusion Room” where they are supervised, and where they must reflect on their poor behaviour.

Universal Infant Free School Meals

New government legislation means that all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are now entitled to free school meals. Please inform the school office if you do not want your child to take school meals so that our kitchen staff can plan the correct number of meals for the coming term.

For Key Stage 2 Children, school lunches cost £1.90 per day and dinner money must be paid for the week in advance on Mondays, or the first day of the week if this is not Monday.  You can pay for a number of weeks (e.g. for a half or full term) as Rose Wood is now a cashless school this can be done so on Parentpay our online payment system.  Please speak to Mrs Abrol in the school office who will print out an activation letter or assist you with any queries that you may encounter.

Payment arrears are closely monitored, and children will be refused school meals once 2 weeks arrears build up.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits you may qualify for free school meals, speak to Mrs Abrol in the school office for more information.  Entitlement needs to be recorded even if your child is in Key Stage 1 and in receipt of free school meals.

To view menus please click on the links below.

Menu 13 July

Packed Lunches

Some parents may wish to give their child a packed lunch and whilst we appreciate that it is up to parents to decide what their children should eat, we ask that you try to encourage healthy eating when making up a packed lunch. A ‘healthy’ lunchbox should contain items such as:

  • Sandwiches or wraps (cheese, ham, salad etc.)
  • Fruit or vegetables
  • Yoghurt or dairy based products.

In line with our approach to healthy eating children should not bring chocolate or sweets in their packed lunches. Please not that we do not allow nuts  in school as we have pupils who have severe nut allergies.

Please see Mrs Abrol in the school office if you wish to change from packed lunches to school dinners or vice versa. These changes will take place termly.