Headteacher: Mr P Cowley


Why do you love me so much?

The children have really enjoyed learning about themselves and their bodies, and understanding why it is important to care for and look after people who are special to them. They have had a range of role-play opportunities from working in a baby clinic to creating a home environment where the children have experienced bathing and caring for babies and putting them to bed. They have also really enjoyed talking about emotions and designing their own puppets to use in our puppet theatre.

How does that building stay up?

This topic allowed children to take on the role as builders. They experienced life on a building site and watched men at work, watching them develop houses at the different stages of development. The children really enjoyed this experience and enjoyed being able to wear hard hats and high Vis jackets. In school, children have had a range of role-play opportunities, from working on the ‘small world’ building site to making large structures outside with the outdoor equipment. Children have been working well together and developing their teamwork skills in order to create building scenarios back at school and taking on the different roles within their play.

Our visit to Toby Carvery

We loved our time at Toby Carvery. We learnt about different types of fruit and vegetables and got to taste lots of new things. We played games and completed activities to show our understanding of the importance of healthy eating and exercise and to help us understand why it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Before leaving we got our very own Toby Carvery lunch where we had a selection of meets and fresh vegetables to choose from.

Are eggs alive?

This topic allowed the children to develop their knowledge and understanding about animals and where they come from. As part of this topic the children went on a school visit to Hall Hill Farm. The staff at the farm took the children around and shared lots of interesting facts about the different animals. The children got to experience holding and feeding a number of different animals.

The children really enjoyed this topic and learning about the different animals and how to care for them. Children had the opportunity to role play in school in the vet clinic, where they took on different roles and responsibilities in order to run the clinic successfully.