Headteacher: Mr P Cowley

Year 1


Moon Zoom

A UFO has crash landed in the playground! Who could it be? What can we find to give us clues? Make a ‘Welcome to Earth’ to help our new visitor understand what life is like here.

Bright Lights, Big City

We’re going for lunch with the Queen so dress up nice and smart! This geography based topic takes us to England’s capital city. We visit some of the amazing sights then step back in time to find out what happened in the Great Fire of London.


Who is your favourite superhero? Superman? Spiderman? Thor? Wonder Woman? Or is it an ordinary person who does extraordinary things?

The Enchanted Woodland

This science topic takes us deep into the woods to explore the lives of badgers, foxes, voles and mice. What magical things can we find in the woods?

Memory Box

How do we remember things in our lives? What about things from before we were born?Make a special box to keep special things to remind us of our past. Let’s make some more memories.

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

This science based topic explores the world of animals. What’s your favourite animal? Let’s find out what they like to eat and where they sleep.