Headteacher: Mr P Cowley

Year 3



Learn about food groups, healthy eating and even create your own fruit or vegetable using clay. Cooking and Nutrition is the main focus of this topic, so be prepared for a lot of tasty treats to make their way home!

Tribal Tales

We take a trip back 5000 years to learn about the lives of people in prehistoric times. During the topic we will learn about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We discover the facts about life as a hunter gatherer, and how the Neolithic Revolution changed life forever. This topic leads into the Year 4 topic about the Romans.


Again we travel back 5000 years to a different part of the world – Egypt. We learn about how the pyramids were built and how the Nile was the source of all life. We discover the different Gods that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped, as well as their most important pharaohs. Also, there is a performance towards the end of this topic which brings to life the 1922 discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb by Howard Carter.

The Birth of the Railways

This topic focuses on a local area study. We learn about the significance of George Stephenson and his Stockton to Darlington Railway, the first railway track in Britain. We investigate what travel was like for Victorians before the explosion of the railways, and how the Rainhill Trials paved the way for a dramatic increase in rail travel.


It’s time to take a walk on the wild side! This is a science based topic which investigates food chains, fossils, plants. We also design our own ultimate apex predator and create leaflets to inform others of this deadly new animal.

Mighty Metals

This is a science based topic investigating magnets and forces. We visit the park to increase our curiosity. Which force is acting on you when you go down a slide or swing on a swing? We also read The Iron Man and discover the adventure that takes place between Hogarth and the Iron Man.

Year 3 Swimming Sessions

During Year 3, your child will have the opportunity to go swimming.  This will take place on an afternoon and will be week-long blocks.  Your child will need to bring a swimming kit and towel with them. Additionally, if your child requires goggles, they will be able to bring them.