We aim to:

  • Enable all children to achieve their full potential, by providing high quality teaching, matched to the needs of the individual;
  • Provide a safe, stimulating and caring learning environment which enriches children’s learning and motivates them to become active, successful and independent learners;
  • Develop a sense of wellbeing, confidence and responsibility so that children can become well rounded members of society;
  • Develop a feeling of respect for themselves and others

We believe:

  • That all children are equally important, regardless of race, gender, background or ability;
  • That children should be listened to, respected and treated fairly;
  • That it is our duty to protect and care for our pupils;
  • That parents and carers are partners in their child’s education and development;
  • That bullying should not be tolerated;
  • Good behaviour is essential if children are to learn;
  • That everyone is a learner and everyone can be successful in their own way
  • That adults in school should provide excellent role models for children


Our beliefs and aims are underpinned by our school's motto which is 'Be Kind and REAP the rewards' REAP stands for Respect, Empathy, Achievement and Pride.  This is the language that we use with children to support the achievement of our aims, to support resolution and conflict and to celebrate and praise children who make the right choices.  We celebrate these successes weekly with awards for kindness and for children that demonstrate respect and empathy.  We also celebrate children's achievements and things that make the school proud.