The school has a dress code which should be followed by all pupils from Reception to Year 6. In Nursery, many parents also choose to dress their children in uniform, however this is not compulsory.

Dress Code
Everyday wear
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan

  • White polo shirt or plain white school shirt

  • Black/grey trousers or skirt (knee length, grey shorts may be worn in warm weather)

  • Blue gingham dress in Summer (red or blue in Year Six)

  • Plain grey pinafore dress

  • Plain black shoes or plain black trainers. Plain black trainers can be worn but they must have black soles and a black logo. Please could we ask that the trainers don’t have coloured or white logos/stripes on them. They must be all black.

  • Children may wear white or black flat sandals in summer with socks

  • Plain black, flat ankle boots can be worn in winter if preferred.

  • Shoes and boots must be flat for safety reasons.

Items may have the school's logo on but this is not compulsory.

Year 6

Year 6: So that the year six children stand out as school ambassadors, they are allowed to wear a red sweatshirt. Children in Year 6 can wear either a red or a white polo shirt. Year 6 children can also wear black or grey trousers or skirts.

PE Uniform
  • Plain navy blue shorts of an appropriate length (no cycling shorts)

  • Plain short sleeved, full length white T shirt

  • Plain navy blue jogging bottoms (no leggings) and navy sweatshirt or hoodie

  • Plain black or plain white trainers (including soles and logos) or plimsolls. Please could we ask that any logo or stripes on the sole are the same colour as the colour of the shoe i.e. white logo/stripes on white trainers and black logo/stripes on black trainers.



  • No jewellery except watches (no smart watches) or small ear studs (ear studs to be worn at own risk; for health and safety reasons these must not be worn for PE or swimming and cannot be removed by staff)

  • No nail varnish, make-up or temporary tattoos

  • Appropriate hairstyles (e.g. no unusual colours or patterns)

  • Long hair should be tied back with a simple bobble.  Bows and other adornments in hair should be small and in line with school colours


Items may have the school’s logo on, but this is not compulsory.

Uniforms can be purchased from:

Lollipops tel: 01642 225827