The Bungalow Partnership

The Bungalow Partnership was established in September 2012 following a pilot project funded by the Local Authority and two GP Practices in West Middlesbrough. This project involved providing support and advice to children, their families and schools who were experiencing a range of emotional and behavioural problems which did not satisfy the criteria for a referral into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Over a period of eighteen months the benefits of this model became apparent with a 75% discharge rate and a drop in CAMHS referrals of 50%.

Following discussions with Head Teachers in the West Middlesbrough Cluster of schools, a decision was taken to form a partnership which would provide a similar model of working to the pilot scheme. The operation of the scheme is self-sustaining and is financed by an annual charge to schools. Support is given within school, the home and at the Bungalow and is not subject to time limitations. Parents are also requested to allow the sharing of appropriate information with relevant health agencies.

lnitially, five schools entered into the agreement, expanding to ten by May 2013. During this period the Partnership began to attract interest from a large number of schools within the Local Authority, culminating in the Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership providing a grant to assist in its expansion throughout Middlesbrough.

An action plan was developed to roll-out the scheme to all primary schools who wished to participate over the next eighteen months on a cluster by cluster basis. In addition, discussions are being held with Secondary Heads as to the viability of their inclusion, particularly during the transition year.

We are also actively engaging with Public Health, Social Services and the Voluntary Sector to broaden the multidisciplinary support that we are able to offer to our schools.

The aims of the Partnership are to:

  • provide targeted support for children who have emotional, social or behavioural needs and their families
  • signpost children and families to appropriate external services where appropriate
  • provide a range of early intervention strategies
  • support and advise school staff working with the children and their families
  • provide continuing professional development for school staff through regular Partnership meetings, case reviews and specialist training

For further information please visit The Bungalow Partnership website