Governors plan the school’s future direction making decisions on the school’s budget and staffing. They make sure the National Curriculum is taught and that the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special educational needs. Governors also make decisions on how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development. If you are interested in becoming a parent governor, please contact the Head Teacher via the school office. You may also find it useful to visit the Middlesbrough Council Governor Development Service website which has information on becoming a school governor.

Our chair of governors is Mrs Jill Patterson.  She can be contacted by addressing letters to her at the school address and they will be handed to her. Alternatively you can contact the office to arrange for her to call you if you need to speak to her about any issues.

Our Governing Body – Scheme of Delegation

Type Membership Appointed by Term of Office
Start – End
Headteacher Mr P Cowley Ex Officio  01/06/15 – 31/05/19 9/9
Community / Chair Mrs Jill Patterson Governing Body 01/01/14 – 31/08/18 8/9
Community Mrs Catherine Barnett Governing Body 01/01/14 – 01/12/18 11/11
Community Mrs Helen Malbon Governing Body 01/01/14 – 31/12/18 3/3
Community Mrs Jill Patterson Governing Body 01/04/17 – 01/04/21 6/8
Community Mr Rob Lacy Governing Body 30/06/16 – 29/06/20 6/8
Staff Governor Mrs L Seaman Staff 21/12/17– 20/12/18 6/6
Staff Governor Mrs L Carney Staff 27/05/16 – 26/05/20 8/8
Parental Governor Mrs Helen Pickard Parent 01/01/14 – 31/08/18 10/11
Parental Governor Mrs Sarah Slater Parent 01/01/14 – 31/12/17 8/8


Full Governing Body Safer Recruitment Trained Governor Responsibility
20/09/2018      13/12/2018    
31/01/2019      04/04/2019    
02/05/2019    18/07/2019    
Mr Cowley X Safer Recruitment Trained & Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Barnett 30/01/15 Governor Induction/ Disadvantaged/ KS1
Mrs Malbon 17/10/14 GDPR,
Mrs Patterson   SEND, UKS2
Mrs Slater 18/03/16 LPPA, Safeguarding, EYFS,
Mrs Seaman   Staff Governor
Mr Lacy   Sport and Safeguarding
Miss Carney 29/11/17 Disadvantaged & Looked After Children

Scheme of Delegation with Terms of Reference

Former Governor/s Type Appointed by Term of Office
Start End
Mrs Kirsty Wadrop Parent GB 01/03/10 24/09/16
Mrs Sharon Weston Community GB 31/09/05 20/03/17
Mrs Rachael Maughan Community GB 16/04/15 20/11/17
Mrs Alison Binns Staff GB 06/10/06 22/11/17
Mrs Maria Mazfari Parent Elected 08/03/13 31/12/17
Mrs Helen Pickard Parent Elected 01/0/14 01/09/2018

Business Interests Declared

Thorntree School

KREW Consultancy